Thursday, December 31, 2009

Somethings to do with the holiday past, and a new long term visitor.

I managed to let most of the things I'd made for Christmas leave the house/be eaten without taking photographs, which is a shame because I actually had a pretty successful year as far as making went.

It was the year of the cowl, and I made three. All from free patterns that can be found on Two, the chic cabled cowl, and the pebbled neck warmer, came out swimmingly, and were gratefully received by their intendeds. One, the herringbone neck warmer, left something to be desired and was reserved from gifting.

I also had some time for decorating. I made a simple garland using an old anthropologie catalogue, string, a hole-punch, and a glue stick. I was quite pleased with the way it turned out. My husband, however, was much happier with the peppermint bark I made.

My sister-in-law the younger is studying abroad this semester (Florence, Italy - poor thing), and we've been charged with caring for the little cat. Cyrus gets on with her quite well, and I think we'll all be a little sorry to see her go when the time comes.

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