Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Frock By Friday

I've decided to participate in this:

A Frock By Friday

It makes so much sense for me. I love to make things, but am - as my refusal to actually post anything on this blog suggests - lacking in motivation. Let's see if this helps.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Turns out...

Yesterday my husband and I were talking about how he's not a complainer, and he doesn't judge people on what they wear, or think they're terrible if they say one stupid thing. It's great that I married a nice guy, but - unfortunately - the same cannot be said for his wife. I say all kinds of mean snarky things about people, and I complain about all sorts of things.

Like this:

I saw an add for product pictured above (Michelob Ultra with fruit flavor) in some magazine today, and was instantly offended. Really, I thought, who wants to drink light beer flavored with oranges and grapefruits? Is that even really beer? And various other mean spirited and complain-y type thoughts. The real question is, why do I care? I'm not a beer expert, or even a devoted beer drinker. In short, this product has no effect on me whatever, but it made me angry none-the-less.


Because I'm a complainer.

Monday, February 15, 2010


January appears to be an epic fail. Let's see how we do with February shall we?

Valentine's Day tends to be a pretty low-key affair in this house-hold. I made a few small gifts, and I think they came out rather well. My husband often drinks Chai in the winter, so when I saw the link to Chai Tea Concentrate on Amy Karol's website I knew I had a winner of a gift idea.

These boxer shorts - from Kwik Sew pattern 1672 - rounded out the gifts that were given.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Somethings to do with the holiday past, and a new long term visitor.

I managed to let most of the things I'd made for Christmas leave the house/be eaten without taking photographs, which is a shame because I actually had a pretty successful year as far as making went.

It was the year of the cowl, and I made three. All from free patterns that can be found on Two, the chic cabled cowl, and the pebbled neck warmer, came out swimmingly, and were gratefully received by their intendeds. One, the herringbone neck warmer, left something to be desired and was reserved from gifting.

I also had some time for decorating. I made a simple garland using an old anthropologie catalogue, string, a hole-punch, and a glue stick. I was quite pleased with the way it turned out. My husband, however, was much happier with the peppermint bark I made.

My sister-in-law the younger is studying abroad this semester (Florence, Italy - poor thing), and we've been charged with caring for the little cat. Cyrus gets on with her quite well, and I think we'll all be a little sorry to see her go when the time comes.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Twice a month, or why you should invite me to your next party (a visual guide).

So, I was thinking I'd try to post one a week, which felt like a reasonable goal. But I decided I didn't want a reasonable goal - I wanted a modest and very achievable goal, so I shall post at least twice a month. More posts will be fine, but less will be considered unacceptable.

Sean and I were invited by a co-worker of mine to an Alice and Wonderland Themed costume party (for Halloween, which was months ago...sorry). Sean went as Humpty Dumpty and I went as Dinah (going for a both sides of the looking glass kind of thing). Sean's costume - I made the egg party of it - was pretty great, but the thing I was really proud of were the mini-pies I brought. They were loosely based on these from Design Sponge, but when I went to the store to get figs I was told that figs were out of season. My immediate reaction was to say "so are watermelons, but I see a huge stack of those," but instead I thanked the store employee and got kiwis and a pomegranate. Now that it's almost Christmas they look seasonally appropriate.

I am also pretty desperate to win this give-away on To have a chance to win one just has to add a link to the give-away (Social Darling Frock GROSGRAIN GIVEAWAY!!!!) on his/her blog. While I don't want to create more competition for the dress (as you can see it's absolutely stunning), I figure it's best to give everybody a try if they're interested.

Also, this is a hilarious photograph of my dog. I'm sure he's embarrassed that I'm posting it, but he really shouldn't be - he can't help himself - his tongue is just too big for his face.

Until the next time....

Monday, November 23, 2009

Wow, wow.

I'm not even sure I should attempt this again.

Wow, more than a year since my last post. Wow.

"Knock, Knock."

"Who's there?"

"Worst blogger ever."

"Worst blogger ever who?"

"That would be me."

Good thing nobody reads this thing.

Friday, June 20, 2008

I've Been Away.

So, I been ignoring my dear blog - leaving it to fend for itself out in the cold. But now I'm back - for good-ish (possibly) - and am prepared to rededicate myself, and this little blog, to the gloriously expansive and heady world of craft.

I was inspired - primarily - by this:

Wish me luck!

(yes, I am sure this whole blog thing will devolve into rants about wedding details. Such as: "We might have found a band.")