Saturday, February 20, 2010

Turns out...

Yesterday my husband and I were talking about how he's not a complainer, and he doesn't judge people on what they wear, or think they're terrible if they say one stupid thing. It's great that I married a nice guy, but - unfortunately - the same cannot be said for his wife. I say all kinds of mean snarky things about people, and I complain about all sorts of things.

Like this:

I saw an add for product pictured above (Michelob Ultra with fruit flavor) in some magazine today, and was instantly offended. Really, I thought, who wants to drink light beer flavored with oranges and grapefruits? Is that even really beer? And various other mean spirited and complain-y type thoughts. The real question is, why do I care? I'm not a beer expert, or even a devoted beer drinker. In short, this product has no effect on me whatever, but it made me angry none-the-less.


Because I'm a complainer.

Monday, February 15, 2010


January appears to be an epic fail. Let's see how we do with February shall we?

Valentine's Day tends to be a pretty low-key affair in this house-hold. I made a few small gifts, and I think they came out rather well. My husband often drinks Chai in the winter, so when I saw the link to Chai Tea Concentrate on Amy Karol's website I knew I had a winner of a gift idea.

These boxer shorts - from Kwik Sew pattern 1672 - rounded out the gifts that were given.